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width: mm lenght: mm

table: 0.0% depth: 0.0% depth: mm

Fancy pink diamonds earrings

Set in 18K white and rose gold with natural Fancy pink diamonds GIA certified and white diamonds


Diamond Certificate

Diamond Information

  • Sku:1010911
  • Shape: Radiant
  • Carat Weight:1.47
  • Cut: No
  • Color: No
  • Clarity:SI1
  • Depth %:%
  • Table %:%
  • Symmetry:No
  • Polish:No
  • Fluorescence:No
  • Diamond Grading Report:GIA

Color Grade: No

Clarity Grade: SI1

Slightly Included. Small inclusions are noticeable and found easily when the diamond is observed by an experienced diamond grader under 10X magnification and may even be visible to the naked eye.